Mint Sauce Burger


For The Patties:
– 1lb/500g coarsely ground lamb or mutton
– 1 half onion finely chopped
– 1/2 clove garlic finely chopped
– 2 pinches ground coriander
– a little pepper, fresh ground is better
– A little salt
– 1 hand fresh bread crumbs
– 1 egg beaten
– 1 quarter mutton stock block dissolved in a quarter cup water

For the Mint Sauce:
– 3 tablespoons water
– 1 hand fresh mint finely chopped
– 1 tablespoon sugar, castor is better
– 3 tablespoons cider vinegar
– 1 pinch salt

For the Rolls:
– 4 fresh bread rolls
– thinly sliced onion
– lettuce
– mayonnaise


We’ll make the mint sauce first. Bring the water to the boil and stir in the mint. Remove from heat source and add the sugar and salt, stir through and let it cool before stirring in the vinegar. Mix all the patty ingredients thoroughly, leaving the salt for after the patties are cooked if you prefer (how to season meat).
Make sure the mixture is cool. Divide mixture into 4 equal balls and mold into patties. Cook on medium heat under the grill, on the barbecue or in a pan until the patty is cooked to your preferred degree of doneness or the internal temp reaches 160F/70C. Split the rolls and toast the cut surfaces lightly (under grill, on barbecue or in pan) just before the patties are done. Spread mayonnaise on the bottom half of the roll, add a thin slice of onion, some lettuce, sliced tomato and the patty. Spoon the sauce over the patty and top off with the other half of the roll. Enjoy a good Mint Sauce Burger.

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